Jun 15 2016

Put the coffee on…

“The cobbler’s children have no shoes” refers to the phenomena whereby people who are successful in creating things for others don’t necessarily provide the same for themselves.

Yes, we at Blackberry Creative have been guilty of this. We spend our days creating communications strategies, developing brand identities, building websites, planning advertising campaigns, and designing all manner of items from billboards, banners and business cards to bumper stickers for everyone but ourselves. And frankly it was getting a little embarrassing, so we are working diligently on our website re-design.

Eventually we will get this sucker launched so please stay tuned… but better put the coffee on this may take awhile!

Blackberry_Keep Calm_Coffee_poster

Feb 4 2016

We accept your challenge…

Your challenge? You have a new business-product-organization and you need the world (or at least part of it) to know.

Our challenge? To let the world know! We take all that you are or hope to be, and capture it within an inch square or so of designed space… otherwise known as your logo.

Something we have been doing for over 15 years… here are a few of our favourites so far.

Logo design by Blackberry Creative


Dec 14 2015

3…. 2….1…. launch

We’ve launched a new website for Lewis & Sears Marketing & Event Management and the dynamic duo of Susan Lewis & Wendy Sears… check them out!

Complete with photo galleries and links to their social media platforms including Facebook and Pinterest. And we keep it streamlined and beautiful

Blackberry Creative launches new website for Lewis & Sears


Jul 17 2015

Looking Good!

Unless you are one of those rare birds for whom looks don’t matter, and frankly I don’t even think that bird really exists, what someone, or something, looks like makes a difference and will influence the decisions made on everything from buying a new car, choosing a travel destination, and sizing up potential dates & mates, to what company we choose to buy from. After comparing your products & services with those of your competitors via your Facebook page, website, signage, brochure, online store, menu, and newspaper ads how will you compare?

No, looks are not everything, but it is in our nature to be attracted to things we perceive of as beautiful. We use to filter out what will and will not work for us… and then we move forward to discover if in fact this person, or leather sofa, or business really has what we are looking for… is it have the right fit for us?! And that right fit is all about content. Character, personality, compatibility, usability, depth, authenticity… we are looking for brains to go with that beauty!

Does your website, newspaper ad, Facebook page, signage, rack card, brochure, billboard, or online store have what it takes to both attract customers and keep them engaged?! We can help you with both… think of us as both a life coach and a makeover specialist for your business.

Good looks attract, and great content seals the deal

Additional Resources

Myth #25: Aesthetics are not important if you have good usability

Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better


Jan 16 2015

Creativity = Happiness

People enjoy the process of being creative and being “in the zone”— a state researchers call “flow.” Creativity and flow are linked to better job satisfaction, higher-quality leisure time, more positive emotions, and greater overall well-being and happiness.
The good news is, everyone is creative—and everyone can nurture their creative side.

pastel project











Positive emotions and creativity make us feel interested in the world around us. The ability to be fascinated and allow ourselves to explore and discover makes us feel open and alive. It’s also what draws us to learn new skills, perspectives, and ideas—resources that we can draw on to solve life’s problems. This boosts our resilience and our satisfaction with life—both part of the equation for overall happiness.

From the PBS series “This Emotional Life
“Positivity” by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph. D.
“The 6 Myths of Creativity,” Psychology Today

Nov 12 2014

Home, sweet home…

Linda and Rick Todsen design and build beautiful homes and now they have a new website, logo, stationery package and signage to match.

Website, logo, brand development

Todsen Design & Construction dream homes…
build it and they will come!

Aug 16 2014

A great concept and brand will stand the test of time!

In 2004, when Inuktun Services Ltd wanted to develop their brand identity and craft a message to capture the essence of their cutting-edge technology, they came to Blackberry Creative.

After touring Inuktun headquarters in Nanaimo—and in particular after being allowed to peek into Al Robinson’s dimly lit office with his desk covered in papers, calculations and sketches, and every other surface piled high with books, scale models, and bits & pieces of stuff—we told President Colin Dobell that we saw them as modern day “renaissance” men in the grand tradition of inventor, artist and visionary Leonardo da Vinci. And we gave them…

The Art & Science of Inuktun Technology… a very human endeavour taking you beyond what is humanly possible. We make it possible to… see it for yourself.”

Great to see the concept being carried forward a decade later in this new corporate video animated by RaceRocks 3D.


See it for yourself with Inuktun Services Ltd.

See it for yourself with Inuktun Services Ltd.














Aug 2 2014

You don’t say?!

Words… they can get you into so much trouble! Too many words, not enough, not the right one! And then there are the typos, incorrect grammar and the bane of modern day text-ers everywhere, auto-correct… yeah, just Google it…OMG!

Writing is both a craft and, in the hands of some, an art form. Words move us to take action, bring us to tears, and provide solace in the face of loss. In the business world, words represent us when we cannot be there in person. Words become our ambassadors and in this age of social media it’s essential that you take the power of your words seriously. It is relatively easy to post to your wall, send out a tweet or update your blog. The difficult part is the whole thinking-it-through, editing and re-writing process… that’s where the real work is done.

At the very least before you press send READ IT ALOUD to yourself… those words are meant to stand in for you and your voice. If the words sound odd coming out of your mouth, they will definitely seem so for your readers and customers. It takes a little more time to edit, but it is worth every minute. And if you are short on time or need some help, call Blackberry Creative… our pencils are poised!

Blackberry Creative provided writing and design services for 21 issues of Tourism Vancouver Island’s “Island Moments” with over 60 articles, some 40 reviews of books by Vancouver Island & BC authors, and 21 family recipes… including one for a delicious Island Harvest Buckle, just in case you have an abundance of plums or berries at the moment!

Writing and design services for 21 issues of “Island Moments.”

Writing and design services for 21 issues of “Island Moments.”


Jun 24 2014

Let’s Talk Turkey…

Well, speak Turkish actually! It has been many months of back and forth between Blackberry Creative, the Institute of Nautical Archaeology and their translators, but the Turkish version of the INA website is now online.

INA’s headquarters in the Mediterranean are located in Bodrum, Turkey and with so many Turkish staff, patrons, scholars and Facebook friends wanting to find out more about the organization, it is fitting that this information be made available online. It is hoped that, over time, the project pages for excavations in the region will also be translated for a Turkish audience.

Underwater archaeology information in Turkish

INA Turkey ’s website translations

Apr 9 2014

Into the future…

It is always a bittersweet moment when a project draws to a close.

We are in the midst of writing a brand guidelines document for the Qualicum Beach Museum… the final element of an extensive project that began with the development of a marketing strategy and communications plan designed to to take this lovely, local museum into their future, while celebrating their past.

Next up was concept and logo design, as well as creation of a tagline and marketing focus that will support the museum’s promotional activities for many years to come; followed by the design of numerous supporting materials: rack card, a business identity package, poster, electronic newsletter and print ad templates, visual elements for the website, exterior signage, and an animated online gif.

Looking for that buzz that comes with every new client and an interesting project to immerse ourselves in! Call us (250.752.6100)…now… nothing sadder than a bored Blackberry!

Qualicum Beach Museum marketing and communications project

Taking Qualicum Beach Museum into the future!